Nelly Bay Road Pathway

Project Overview / Description

CivilPlus completed the concrete pathway from Base Backpackers Resort to Yates Street for the Townsville City Council to improve access for island users. This project required community and business engagement, traffic management, excavation, bedding supply/placement and compaction, formwork, concrete placement, link wall, new bus stop and road furniture, road pavement and bitumen placement.

Project Features:

    • The foundation of the excavation is expected to be mostly sandy materials and this will be moistened prior to compacting with a pedestrian roller.
    • Formwork will be erected along the survey set out lines for the length required for each pour.
    • Any existing infrastructure to be incorporated within the path will be checked for level and formwork will be adjusted to suit.
    • After the pavement surface is finished we will then apply a bitumen seal to the finished pavement surface.

Project Gallery Images