Woodlands to Veales Road Watermain Relocation

Project Overview / Description

Installation of new 800mm MSCL pipe line to allow for the new highway intersection to be installed. The works included large inground valve pits at each end of the line, large inground thrust blocks which were supported on 900mm bored piers. The 720m of pipeline was fully welded and included the crossing of Stoney creek, which was completed with no environmental incidents. The project was completed ahead of the date of practical completion, on budget with no major incidents.

Project Features:

    • Installation of 720m of DN800 fully welded MSCL pipe
    • Installation MSCL bends and specials, cut to fits fabricated on site
    • Installation of 2 valves pits and associated steel lids
    • Installation of scour and air valve pits
    • Installation of thrust blocks below ground which included 5m bored piers
    • Crossing of Stoney Creek with no environmental incidents

Project Gallery Images