Design & Construct Replacement Water Main Crossing Ross River

Project Overview / Description

As part of the upgrade to the Townsville water system, CivilPlus have been engaged to design and construct a new main waterline underneath the Ross River.  The new waterline will connect the potable water that runs beside Riverway Drive to mains that run next to the Douglas Water Treatment Plant.

CivilPlus intend to use a horizontal piling rig and under bore technique to tunnel the new water main underneath the Ross River without disturbing the water flow.

CivilPlus are managing the process of design, aligning the plan towards construction feasibility and critical outcomes for the client.

Project Features:

    • 360m underbore from Condon to Douglas
    • Driving pipe liners under one of Townsville's busiest roads, without disrupting traffic
    • 360m of HDPE pipe will be welded together at Condon and then pulled under the river in one string

Project Gallery Images